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Overview & Objectives :

Map of Sri Lanka showing districts with EP projects

Following the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster (2004) the realization that natural barriers provide the strongest protection against ocean/climaterelated natural disasters has become very obvious. Damage to structures was greatly reduced in areas that had natural barriers such as sand dunes, intact coral reefs, mangrove vegetation and forest belts.

Certain broad interventions that would increase inhabitant's knowledge of the role natural ecosystem barriers play in disaster management are necessary, especially in an island nation such as Sri Lanka . Empowering our communities with the ability to participate directly in small scale management and conservation is vital for the long term success of overall conservation

Environment Programme attempts to do just this, by supporting, initiating and collaborating together with individuals, community organizations, schools and other organizations to increase the natural barriers along the coast and inland; to increase vegetative land cover via traditional home gardens; to promote and begin ecologically sustainable energy and water use as well as to initiate use of organic, bio and traditional variety farming and analogous forestry.

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