About CHA 

The Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA)  registered under the Social Services Act is an association working in Sri Lanka and is a subsidiary of the Centre for Humanitarian Affairs
CHA employs full time and commissioned personnel lead by sectional heads reporting to the Chairman and Board.
Activities of CHA are carried out by programmes on Non Profit Services, Equal Rights and Change, Disaster Management, Research, Information & Communication Services and Psychosocial Programmes.
Its comparative advantages include:

  • Links with Government, Commercial and non- profit agencies across the country.
  • Institutional memory with a resource centre .
  • Experience working with persons and communities of concern .
  • A history of coordination and linking, advocacy and lobbying
  • Developing and disseminating standards, guidelines, principles, and working methodologies and approaches for the sector;
  • Providing advisory services to organisations, diplomatic, and international missions and agencies, and others.

Target groups

The mandate of CHA is ‘to secure dignity of life for all’ and prioritises human security through the delivery of products and services to access any area affected by disasters in the country by  directly assisting people in need , representing, advocating, educating and empowering national and local stakeholders and society.