Program: Best Interest of Child (Juvenile Justice)

Planned Intervention:

Judicial sensitization of key professions such as Judges, Probation Officers, Police, Teachers and Social Workers with regards to juvenile justice and child rights.
Establishing systems which will be able to provide legal aid to minors.
Educating the authorities of Detention Facilities on being more sensitive to children and their needs, giving special preference to dealing with children with special needs.
Amending the Children and Young Persons Ordinance so as to ensure maximum protection for minors.
Spreading awareness in society so as to mobilize people against Child Abuse and thereby reduce the number of child abuse cases, and promote Child Rights.
Expected Outcome:

  • Creation of more sensitive judicial officers, who will be trained to deal with matters pertaining to juvenile justice with more understanding and sensitivity.
  • Fully functional legal aid systems which will give legal assistance to minors and also ensure the safety of minors facing judicial issues.
  • Reduction of abuse and harassment of children in Remand Homes and Detention Centers, with trained personnel handling children with special needs.
  • Creation of a Children and Young Persons Ordinance which will be void of any shortcoming’s and thereby allow efficient Juvenile Justice.
  • Reduction in the current rates of Child Abuse in Sri Lanka, and the creation of a society which is vigilant against Child Abuse.


The vision of creating a nation where every child is free and safe from any evil is what drives this project. Therefore, the goal of this project is to create a society which respects children for what they are and nurture them to be productive citizens. This also includes the creation of an efficient Juvenile Justice system, which will work to its full potential to rehabilitate any child who in conflict with the law. Furthermore, this project hopes to mobilize the people of this country to join arms against the rising number of child abuse, so that the youth of the nation are protected from the evil elements of society, and thereby creating an atmosphere conducive to healthy mental and physical development of the child.