We promote standards and professionalism for national or international audiences hosted at locations around Sri Lanka. . We believe in continuous learning and improvements therefore seek value from national and international best practices for adaptation and promotion. Subject matter include Development, Peace and Reconciliation, Mitigation from Man- made or natural Disasters , Human Rights and Humanitarian work. Our clients include mandate holders of Governments(s), Commercial entities, NGO’s and CSO’s.

Our aim is to enhance skills, knowledge and expertise to respond to current and prepare for future crises; provide  sustainable learning support services for our clients and improve standards through the promotion of international standards and good development practices

We source national resource persons or support national or international agencies with a proven history conduct programmes in country with global expertise.

Our services include- Sourcing venues, undertaking promotional activities, registering participants and helping in the conduct of programmes.

For further details contact us at  –  execdir@cha.lk /manager-reg-rehab@cha.lk

Elder Care Training Course

Are you?

  • Looking to be a QUALIFIED Elder Care Assistant / Elder Care Nurse?
  • Are 18 and above and have sat for the O Level examination and/or have previous overseas employment experience

IT Training for students of School for Deaf, Ratmalana

Two more sessions commenced by CHA during the month of November. Students were given hands-on-practice on word processing application.