Elder Care Training Course

Pflegedienst Bergstrasse- Germany
In collaboration with
The Centre for Humanitarian Affairs
Conducts a training Course for
Elder Care Assistant / Elder Care Nurse

Are you?

  • Looking to be a QUALIFIED Elder Care Assistant / Elder Care Nurse?
  • Are 18 and above and have sat for the O Level examination and/or have previous overseas employment experience
  • Willing to care for elders with heart, hand and mind?
  • Have a passion to learn, friendly attitude and empathy?
  • Hoping to find employment in Sri Lanka or Overseas in the field of elder care ?

Employment opportunity : On completion of the course, a two year placement and assessment and conversant in German, you will have the opportuinty to be employed for a fixed period by as an elder care nurse by Pflegedienst Bergstrasse with additional training.

Course outline:

  • transfer of knowledge and practical teaching regarding professional elder care
  • instruction on ensuring high quality standards (German guideline)regarding care on health and hygiene
  • Instruction on basic medical assistance
  • teachings on daily assistance of elders
  • instruction on providing support and assistance to enrich the life quality of senior citizens

Training Content :

  • Basic care
    • Personal care (whole body ablution, oral hygiene, shaving, showers, hand care and pedicure,hair wash)
    • Mobilisation, storage, work appropriate sitting
    • Prophylaxen (Dekubitusprophylaxe, Pneumonieprophylaxe, Thromboseprophylaxe)
    • Skin conspicuities like greaseproof paper skin, dry skin, skin discolorations, wounds, blue spots
  • Incontinence
    • Hygiene (hand disinfection)
    • Vital parametres grasp (blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose measure)
    • Compression therapy
    • Food & Eating Behaviour
    • Giving of food and nutrition
    • Clinical dissabilities of old people (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, stroke, dementia)
    • The first aid
    • Documentation

Download Training Content

Venue: No 1, Gower Street, Colombo 5
Duration: 48 hours ( 8 hours x 3 weekends /6 days.)
Medium of Instruction : English /Tamil and Sinhalese
Course Fee: Rs 15000/- Registration Rs: 2500
Commencemnet : 11th November 2017

Contact :4061461; 0772127926
hashini@cha.lk; education@cha.lk;

Pflegedienst Bergstrasse

  • Established in 2005 in Germany
  • More than 10 years of German elder care experience
  • 125 employees, 4 subsidiaries in 3 different cities



  • CHA founded in 1997 is national service provider in non-profit sector in the Humanitarian sector

http://www.humanitariansrilanka.org; http://www.humanitariancentresrilanka.org