Ex Combatants

Program : Protecting Disadvantaged groups through Communication and Affirmative Action.

Updates ( 08/03/2011)

Initiation of communication and discussions with Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka focused Prisoners, Women and Children in Homes, directed by Courts, establishment of a children Human Rights network as a protection mechanism.

Specific initiatives on going include:

1. A combined effort led by the Human Rights Commission with the National Child Protection Authority, Institute of Human Rights and CHA to assist children with no date cases and address the causes.

2. An effort to provide clothing made from unusable material from the apparel industry for women inmates of Methsevana, Salvation Army and Mulleriyawa Hospital for long stay patients.

3. Encouraging an initiative to assist prisoners six months prior to release with issues of reintegration and post release.

* CHA has also worked on two important efforts for the benefit of all NGO’s working in Sri Lanka. They are related to broadening the scope of tax remissions for NGO’s and promoting an MoU for Economic Development between the government and NGO’s.

Planned Interventions:

providing individual and collectives of vulnerable Children, Ex Combatants and Elders the means to increase knowledge of their rights and enable access and benefit from services with duty bearers; providing access to a Call centre supported by back office services to refer requests to service providers, duty bearers and responders;

Expected Outcomes:

Children, ex combatants and Elders are able to more effectively communicate needs to justice service providers with increased representation of disadvantaged groups in community based justice redress mechanisms; Improved provision of response to complaints of children (specially for the children whose liberty is restricted); Improved understanding of concept of best Interest of the child and their right to participation; ex combatants supported by linking with service providers and resources required to attain sustainable lives; Receiving communities better accept ex-combatants and their families; Active Ageing promoted through Advocacy, Sensitization and Development of Linkages


Promoting human and social capital, ensuring social security for vulnerable groups and addressing forms of inequality,