CHA started its emergency medical assistance programme, on 1st of May with the arrival of 50,000 IDP’s accommodated in Zone 2, Block No: 37 under a tent provided by Muslim Aid. The medical service under the tent extended upto June 17th 2009. Over 30,000 people benefited during the 48 days clinical programme

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IMG_0673 IMG_0701
Total Beneficiaries from Jan- 31st October 2009

A special Triage facility was also conducted by a team of doctors in Omanthai during the height of the IDP movement. We provided a large quantity of medicines and infant milk foods for the feeble patients.

There were 6 medical teams went from Colombo Ministry of Health (MOH) to do the clinic from 1st May to 17th June. The transportation, accommodation and meals were provided by CHA. Acknowledge contribution from Muslim Aid, UMCOR, IMHO, Dutch Government and TJ Foundation and all other private donations that have made this possible.

Extended Medical Services under established Primary Healthcare Centers (PHC)

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According to the MOU signed between MOH and CHA, three Primary Healthcare Centers have been established in Zone2-Block 39, Zone 3 Block-23 and Zone 4 Block-E6. The PHCs are equipped with necessary equipment, beds, 3 consultation rooms, one Doctors’ rest room, pharmacy, stores, 3 toilets, one for those with special needs, waste disposal system and bio gas unit. On average 400 patients per day can be treated at the each centre with the provision of medical staff by MOH.

 In collaboration with Mercy Malaysia and Tissa Jinasena Foundation, OFFER Ceylon, AMAF and private donations CHA provides the following:

  • Supplementing additional medicines and doctors when required
  • Conducting special clinics – eye clinic with Eric Rajapaksa Opticians
  • Transport, meals and accommodation to medical staff provided when required
  • Presently setting up laboratory facilities in the MM referral centre, mobile sample collection from all CHA MM centers
  • Providing administration and para medical staff to support the daily clinics
  • Setting up of laboratory facilities in the Mercy Malaysia built referral centre

Special medical Programmes

Australian Medical Aid Foundation- AMAF

The following program are funded by AMAF- we take this opportunity to thank AMAF for their support and a fruitful partnership

Mental Health Programme

Mental health and psychosocial intervention programme takes place 3 days a week. Interested volunteers, be-frienders, counselors and therapists were invited from several local institutions and trained into a common intervention programme call “Help to heal”. This programme is technically facilitated by Mental Health Unit of Vavuniya Hospital and funded by AMAF

The programme is being conducted at the Manic Farm Zone 2, 3, and 4. Following interventions are being made through this programme

  • Identification of affected people
  • Sharing , counseling and relaxation activities
  • Core group formation with the IDPs to create self help groups in the camps
  • Special activities for children
  • Clinical care for identified major mental disorder patients.

The Mental health clinic activities takes place every Thursday at the CHA Primary Health Care centre  in Zone 3. During the period of 1st to 23rd October, a total of 203 patients arrived for treatment, and were treated by 2 doctors.

The intervention team is being supervised through monthly work shops by the consultants.

Eye Clinics

This programme is implemented in view of the urgent need for eye care for the people displaced from the war. Due to security restrictions IDPs are unable to leave the camps to get the care they need. Understanding the condition, Eric Rajapakse Optometrist willingly came forward to offer their services for the people in IDP camps whenever possible, in collaboration with CHA.

A group of opticians from Colombo visit to Manik Farm IDP Centers twice a month and conduct clinics for two- three days. CHA through financial assistance from AMAF provides transport, accommodation and meals for the opticians go from Colombo to do the clinics. Necessary equipments and spectacles are made by Eric Rajapakse Optometrists and paid for by the grant as well. AMAF also provided spectacles directly form Australia which were distributed to those who required them. The clinics are being operated through the Primary Health Care Centers (PHC) established by CHA in Zone 2 and 3.

 The objectives of setting up eye clinics are;

  • To evaluate and provide spectacles for IDPs having defects in distance vision and reading vision
  • To detect of ailments such as cataract, diabetic retinopathy and amblyopia

Vavuniya District

The Eye clinic activities were held at zones 04 & 05 from the 05th to 07th October 2009 through the Eric Rajapakse Opticians. A total of 759 IDPs were benefited from the programme. The spectacles were couriered on the 27th of October for the distribution.



No. of eyewear distributed


Zone 2



Zone 2



Zone 2



Zone 3



Zones 4&5


Out put of the programme

  1. Over 3000  IDPs from Zones 2,3,4 and 5 participated at the screening camp
  2. 2466 were identified as assistance needed people and provided spectacles
  3. Awareness was created among the population

Jaffna district

The Eye clinics were held in the Jaffna district on the 02nd and 03rd of October 2009 for the school students at the Department of Education and for IDPs from the camps of SabapathippaillaiPillaiyaarKappandaInuvil stationCourts,Ikkiraan and Aalady. 216 beneficiaries received assistance through this programme

Lens types

Quantity distributed

CR 39 SV


CR 39 Bifocal


Reading Only


P/G glass


Total beneficiaries


For school children

Picture 226.jpgPicture 232.jpg

The eye clinic at the Department of Education was conducted on the 2nd of October 2009 from 08.15am to 4.30pm by the visiting team from Eric Rajapakse opticians.

For IDPs 
On Saturday morning the eye clinic stared at 8.30 for the IDPs. A school nearby in Chunnakam was arranged for the activities to take place. From morning till evening patients flowed in continuously.

Other Special Clinics in Manic Farm

Group of Heart Specialist visited the PHC on 21st August conduct chest clinic. Over 84 patients attended to this programme

A special ENT clinic was conducted on 16th August. 4 ENT surgeons from Colombo attended the clinic and 126 children received treatment.

Well woman and Child care unit is functioning at the primary health care unit which is in zone 4 block E6 established by CHA. Special clinics are being conducted for women and children. Distribution of nutritional items and assistance for family planning also being conducted at this location

Construction of Chavakachcheri Hospital Ward

The construction of hospital ward Project started four months ago and now is in the final phase to open for public’s use. This semi permanent female ward construction project was requested and implemented by RDHS Jaffna. Construction is being facilitated through the development Society of Chavakachcheri Base hospital.

Field visit was made by the CHA Colombo staff by mid of September and the progress was observed. The tasks was success fully completed by the time of last field monitoring to the side

Technical supervisions are being confirmed by the Technical officer from RDHS. This project is completed now and expected to be opened by end of November 2009.

Picture 197.jpg Picture 198.jpg

Provision of milk items

It was requested by Director of Health Services Trinco, Jaffna and Mullaithivu to assist the children who are in IDPs camps.

Arrangements were done for supply of nutritional and milk food items for children through the RDHSs and Welfare centre coordinators with the financial aid of IMHO, MIFT to be utilized for Vanni displaced Children.

Required permission was received from Government -Commissioner of essential goods for transportation of purchased items by ship.   All the required items for children are ready to transport. Over 19625 children are benefited by this assistant

Medical support Programmes  for displaced injured IDPs 

This programme aimed to provide medicine and drugs during shortages in Hospitals. Regional Director of Health Services and Provincial Director of Health services made the request with the needed list of items in emergency situations. IMHOs grant could be utilised to fulfil their needs and no of IDPs were benefited by this programme.

Required drugs were distributed to RDHS Trinco and Jaffna during the displacement time. Its estimated over 2300 patients would benefited by this assistances  

Nutritional programme for Pregnant Mothers

This programme aimed to reduce malnutrition problem in the Jaffna district. It was assessed the there are babies born with nutritional problems. RDHS planned to assist pregnant mothers to over come this issue, there fore this programmes are being conducted from 2008, every month there 1000 mothers are being assisted with nutritional items such as Enfamama milk powder/ Anmum, Jeevagaram (protein supplementation), Ovron cap and Folic Acid. Last issue of items was done August 2009.

Construction and renovation of Hospitals 

There is a maternity hospital was fully renovated for the purpose of using for the IDPs in Chavakachchieri division in Jaffna. Over 5-15 pregnant mothers are being benefited by this assistance every month. This programme was initiated by the RDHS Jaffna with the financial aid of IMHO.

Construction of Semi permanent Hospital ward is being done at Chavakachcheri hospital. This is programme is initiated by RDHS Jaffna with the financial aid of AMAF. This programme will assist to over come the limitation of lack of ward facilities to the patients especially from the welfare camps located in Chavakachcheri area.

Equipment to Chavakachcheri Hospital ward

Under the assistance of IMHO, refrigerator, TV like electrical items were given to RDHS – Jaffna