Hygiene Packs and Training – Jaffna
Mobile Medical clinics 


A mobile clinic programme for the resettled people in a few DS divisions in Jaffna has been commenced with the funding of Mercy Malaysia who have partnered with us once more, following the Primary Healthcare Programme in Menik Farm, Vavuniya. In addition to mobile clinics, the programme also proposes to conduct hygiene awareness programmes and hand out hygiene kits to those in need.


Map source: http://www.ifsp-srilanka.org/html/administrative_map_jaffna.html


Weekly schedule


1 Allaipitty Monday 9 AM – 4 PM
2 Eluvathivu Tuesday 9 AM – 4 PM
3 Ampan-Kudathanai Wednesday 9 AM – 4 PM
4 Ampan-Manalkadu Thursday 9 AM – 4 PM
5 Mandathivu Friday 9 AM – 4 PM













A needs assessment was conducted by CHA in early February 2010, in the above locations. Overall these villages were in urgent need of health services as none of them had their own hospitals and had to travel far distances to main hospitals in Jaffna and other main towns. There was also the problem of communicable diseases brought in by the resettlers from Vanni and cases of spread were noted. Although not many cases of such diseases were identified at the time of the assessment, relevant government authorities and public health inspectors felt that it would soon become a problem if preventive action was not taken.











Other problems faced by these communities are environmental pollution caused by unoccupied spaces which are not cleaned up; these result in mosquito breeding. Alcoholism exists in some areas, along with the lack of toilets resulting in defecation in public spaces making the situation worse. The hygiene activities proposed by this programme in addition to mobile clinics is also expected to come of good use to the people, given these situations and the need for awareness.

Clinic Details



No of families targeted (approx.)

1 Allaipitty 440
2 Eluvathivu 163
3 Ampan-Kudathanai 900
4 Ampan-Manalkadu
5 Mandathivu 350

1. Targeted population
2. Resource Arrangement

Team is developed with a medical doctor, an Administrative officer a Nurse, a pharmacist and a helper. The mobile vehicle is arranged with the necessary equipments and the Medicine is fully distributed by the health team within the programme budget. Locations and infrastructure for the clinics are arranged by the Health Department. The appointed health team provides training on following areas to ensure the CAP standard.

• Common procedure in mobile health programme, specially followed up by Mercy Malaysia.
• Situation briefing. Team is provided with the information of needs and requirement on health issues at the targeted villages
• Security Briefing

3. Coordination 

Coordination is ensured with the Regional Director of Health Services in the district. Other health related implementers such as SLRC and MOH also being coordinated in providing aid. District Health coordination meeting, headed by WHO also is being attended. Other implementing agencies were visited before commencing of the programme to ensure the duplication and overlapping.

4. Supervision

Technical supervision is being provided by RDHS to ensure the quality of services in place. Local MOH Staff also involved in facilitation of this programme.

5. Service delivery 











This mobile health programme is being conducted from 1st week of March in 5 villages in Jaffna district. It is basically programmed for 3 months, and will continue upon the needs, availability of resources and request. The team visits each village everyday according to the schedule given by RDHS. Approximately over 80 patients are benefited each day through this initiation. They are provided consultation, referrals and medicine for free of charge. Team is conducting Health education during the mobile health service in the villages.

Mercy Malasia also is supporting to fulfill the hygiene needs in the villages by distributing the hygine kits. 800 kits are being supplied to the families in the targeted areas with the guidance of Divisional secretariat.