Outreach Clinics

Nearly 16,000 individuals were provided medical care in the form of medical consultation as well as free 
medications through outreach clinics conducted in four resettled villages in Muruthankerni DS Division and in the island of Allaipiddy in the Velanai DS Division in the District of Jaffna. 

These locations, which were affected by the conflict and have little or no medical facilities currently available, were selected in consultation with the Regional Director of Health Services (RDHS). The objective of this project was to provide basic medical facilities in order to control diseases, to prevent minor health issues from blowing up as to well as to provide awareness on health and hygiene related activities This ongoing project between CHA and Mercy Malaysia is coordinated, supervised and monitored by the RDHS in Jaffna.

In January 2012, over 100 students also participated in eye screenings held in Killinochchi. Those having sight problems were issued spectacles by a Lions club.