Out reach health clinics are possible up to 2012 June in Jaffna.

Medical Out reach clinics expanded to newly reselled locatoins in kaddaikkadu



CHA has been running mobile medical clinics in five locations in Jaffna district where primary medical care is an available. This medical programme is going on since March 2010 and planned to contineu till 2012 June with the support of MERCY Malaysis.

Reginal Director of Health Services –Jaffna requested CHA to starts the clinics in Kaddaikkadu area, the boarder villages of wanni where people were resettled last month. Over 1500 people recived medical care in the month of Auguts 2011. Patinots are being provided consultation with free medicine and basics medical tests.

Handing over of Renovated Hospital in Ampan, Jaffna




The divisional hospital in Ampan, abandoned for over 20 years and was in high security zone is completely renovated and equipped by CHA through the partnership of MERCY Malaysia with the funding of Ministry of Foreign affairs, Malaysia.

In October 2010, the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition of Sri Lanka has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with MERCY Malaysia in partnership with the Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies, to take part in the renovation and refurbishment of Ampan Hospital in Jaffna. Ampan is one of the Resettlement area that will receive the affected beneficiaries who are to return to their areas after the Conflict is now has resolute. Ampan is vulnerable as it is not only facing the open sea and was affectedly the Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka in 2004.
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CHA Ensure the WATSON Standards in Resettled villages



Under the water and Sanitation programme, CHA has completed a water and sanitation programme in Navalady, a resettled location in Ariyalai in Jaffna district, implemented with the assistance of Department of Community Medicine, University of Jaffna and with the financial support of MERCY Malaysia. 41 families were assisted to get well renovation. Through this programme, over 300 persons are ensured for access to clean water.

In addition to this support, entire village were assisted for hygiene education and free hygiene kits. Village health volunteers and mid wife in Nallur MOH were trained on communicable diseases and reproductive health.

Vocational Training Programme for Poonering Rehabilitated and war affected Youth




CHA commenced vocational training programme with the support of ILO for rehabilitated and war affected youths in Poonerian division in wanni. CHA has signed an MOU with NAITA to deliver the trainings. Computer hardware training was already started and four more programme will started from 1st of September. 320 youths from Poonerian and Kilinochchi DS divisions are selected for the programme, training will be given in nine trades for the period of four months.

Five day weekly out reach clinics are being conducted continuously since March 2010 and the donor confirmation is ensured to continue the same programme for next 16 months. The Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies, funded by Mercy Malaysia, proposed to work in five deserving areas to provide basic medical facilities in order to control diseases and to prevent minor health issues from blowing up as to well as provide awareness on health and hygiene related activities.





The five villages were selected in Kayts, Velanai and Maruthankeni DS divisions in Jaffna district in consultation with the Regional Director of Health Services (RDHS). These villages were affected by the conflict and had little or no medical facilities currently available. The RDHS work through their mobile clinics about twice to thrice a week, which is definitely not sufficient to cover growing health related issues of the communities. More than 1200 patients are getting treatment every month through this programme.





The Team comprises of one medical doctor; Administrative officer; Nurse; pharmacist, and assistant, mobile vehicle is arranged with necessary equipments. Medicine is fully distributed by the health team under the programme budget. Locations and infrastructure for the clinics are arranged by the Health department.

As a part of this mission, MERCY Malaysia also funded to implement a WASH project. Capacity development of health sector workers, hygiene promotion and repairing of 46 wells in Nallur are the additional tasks of this programme.