Protection of Human Rights and Mitigating Impunity (PHRMI)

Some of the important issues addressed during the year through PHRMI are given below:

    • Rights of 212 women kept in custody under the Vagrance Ordinance taken into the subject of a Public Interest Petition before the Human Rights Commission while advocacy including newspaper critiques resulted in Ministry of Justice undertaking to repeal current Vagrance Ordinance;
    • “Citizens net” Web portal captured publicly reported Human Rights violations with approximately 500 news items including 112 Case through national newspapers were recorded;
    • Operational links developed with the Human Right Commission to serve children, women, prisoners and to Human Rights through school clubs which is used extensively;
    • Advocated for rights of women, children and the differently abled in Jaffna with District Judge of Point Pedro invited to CHA Office in Colombo dictating themodus operandi;
    • The need for psychosocial awareness to among law enforcement offi cers was advocated and in liaison with RDHS Jaffna an awareness programme was conducted;