Small Grants programe- quick Impact Programe- Funded by the Government of Netherlands

This small grants program was a component of the larger programe titled “Restoring Dignity and Protection of Conflict Affected Persons”. Project implementation through partner organizations was a strategy of the Dutch programme.  At the initial stage, a call for proposals was advertised in the Media from interested organizations in relevant districts In-depth selection was based on the different selection criteria which were developed at the initial stage. Out of over 200 applicants 13 were selected as potential organizations. All organizations were selected from all target districts of Ampara, Trincomalee, Batticaloa, Mannar, Vavuniya and Jaffna.

All grantees were provided with a maximum of Rs. 2,500,000/- for assistance in the area of relief, Livelihood, education, housing / Shelter and health activities. The grant period ranged from 4-6. All the implementations were monitored directly by project officers attached to the project in close collaboration with DO in respective district while the activities of partner organizations were directly implemented by particular partner organizations and CHA closely monitored performance.

Small Grantees Organization and their projects

No Organization Profile Project activities and other information


Sirilak Sahana  Sewa Foundation is located in Uhana, Ampara.The Organization has good track record in working with community development, especially in constructing houses for disaster victims and conduct vocational trainings for youths The project focused to construct 20 semi-permanent houses for war affected families live in the remote village of Gonagala, Uhana DS division. Due to increased price of building materials, only 18 houses were built and given to 18 poor displaced families in Gonagal. The families have secure houses to live in compared with their previous small mud cottages. Total  grant Rs. 2,497,753.20


Women Development Foundation(WDF) is a well established women organization, has established working women groups in each DS divisions in Ampara The WDF selected 51 families in Vinayakapuram and Uthayapuram, who were   displaced from Kanchikudiyaru, Thangavelleyuthapuram, Mandanai,Kinniya, Mutur and Vaharai and face  many  difficulties to find reliable livelihood. Through provision of livelihood materials and knowledge in the following categories: poultry farming (12), vegetable cultivation (3), Mobile business(10),  sewing machine(1), paddy pounding (5), rice flour making (02) and  chilly powder making (01)  their livelihood was improved.
In addition, nutritional foods were given to 134 malnourished pregnant mothers and conducted health awareness prog on HIV Aids, Protection from infectious diseases, self hygiene and psychotherapy. Total  grant Rs. 2,468,552.0


Soorya Community Development Foundation,  a community service organization established in Year 2001 The project improved the water & sanitation facilities available in Pannalgama (Damana, Ampara) 1C/ 2C villagers’ through the grant. 45 families received toilets and three common wells were widened to reduce the shortage of water specially during dry season. Total  grant Rs. 2,317,415.80


Social Awareness Development Organization (SADO) is a community  based organization in Vantharumoolai , Batticaloa The project improved the water & sanitation facilities of very deprived families in villages in Chenkalady DS Division. Building materials were provided to relevant beneficiaries. 31 toilets and 28 wells were constructed. Health awareness programme on “water and hygiene” also conducted.
Total  grant Rs. 2,402,320.00


Ghandi Sewa Sangam, Batticaloa. Provide micro credit, agriculture inputs and carry out  health and educational awareness program in Vellaveli, Paddipalai and Vavunathivu




30 families  consists of disable family members  due to looting and loss of livelihood assets were given with poultry, goats, cattle, home garden inputs and small shop.
In addition medical clinics, psychosocial counseling, adult educational programme and nutritional food were given to improve the well being of targeted communities.


Social Development & Research Organization (SDRO) in Trincomalee concern to improve the capacity of civil society


The project focused to develop, war affected small entrepreneurs at village level. 101 beneficiaries in 9 war affected villages received small business tools, home gardening, animal husbandry inputs as well as they were trained to enhance their entrepreneurship


Coordinating Centre for Community Development is a volunteer social service organization in Muthur, Trinco. Its mission is to development through co-ordination,  co-existence and commitment Provided Vocational Training and livelihood inputs to recently resettled conflict affected youth with the aim to find good employment opportunities locally or internationally. The 80 beneficiaries trained engage in self employment activities as well as hygienic promotion work shops and hygienic kits were provided to 300 individuals and 20 toilets were constructed in Thoppur and Mutur. Total Grant Rs. 2,499,070.00


Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service (LEADS) well experienced in relief and rehabilitation agent  in Sri Lanka Improved the health and sanitation of affected communities in Chavakacheri by constructing 20 toilets and 20 common wells.Improved income of 70 families in Uduvil and Chavakacheri through provision of livelihood inputs. Ensured school attendance of 100 children in Chavakacheri by providing educational materials Total Grant Rs. 2,554,300.00


Nonviolent Direct Action Group (NVDAG) working towards the formation of a new society based on non violence and peace respecting human rights and human dignity Water pumps were given to farmers, who lost their pumps during year 2000 war.36 farmers in were selected through the Farmer  Chambers in 18 villages in Thenmaratchi Division, Jaffna. Grant Rs.1,400,000.00


Social Organization Networking for Development (SOND) conduct capacity building development programme for youth in Jaffna Livelihood  of  200 conflict affected families in Jaffna, Nallur, Kopay and Sandilipay villages  improved by issuing livelihood inputs and knowledge to successfully carry out  farming, livestock, fishing, small cottage industries and retail business activities. Grant Rs. 2,370,640.00


Mannar Association For Relief and Rehabiliation(MARR) assist the affected needy in their hour of distress 50 women trained on dress making, saree painting and cake icing for the period of one month at Nanadan and Mannar town centers. Then beneficiaries were given with sewing machines and other materials to start their own business. Grant Rs. 2,440,480.00


Family Rehabilitation Centre a national organization.  Psychosocial is their focal area. 100 FRC clients who are benefited from FRC psychosocial intervention programme in  Jaffna ,Mannar and Trincomalee received  livelihood inputs. The assistance helped the target group(torture survivors and clients) to generate  income for their livelihood.
Grant Rs. 2,500,000.00


Rural Development Foundation (RDF) reputed national organization work with grass root communities. Uplifted livelihood, sanitation and education facilities in Sooduventhapulavu village in Vavuniya. 40 families received goats as livelihood assistance and 40 toilets constructed. Library books, equipments and clean drinking water facilities provided to the secondary school in that village. Rs. 2,477,722.00