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Every child is unique. Each with his or her own strengths but also with his or her own needs. Needs that have come about through genetics  or through adverse circumstances. These needs could vary from medical to educational from physical to emotional.  Often these needs are not met adequately due to a lack of resources; knowledge or funds.

The CHA is committed to providing a safe space for children with  special needs & their families to access a variety of resources in a non clinical setting.
Here in our spacious Gower Street office children may access counseling / psychotherapy services and be seen by specialized Doctor or therapists.
Children with special educational needs may receive brain training & academic tutoring. Speech therapy & behavioral  therapy are also services on offer for those who may need it.
Seminars & workshops are held to raise awareness & educate the public on current trends in special needs education and psychotherapy.

Costs if any, are met through our Thrift Store, select sponsorships and by family/guardian if costs are to be met direct.


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Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies
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Sri Lanka.

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