Our area of subject matter expertise is in Development, Peace and Reconciliation, Mitigation from Man- made or natural Disasters , Human Rights and Humanitarian work.We organize study tours on behalf of groups wishing to visit Sri Lanka, meet with counterpart institutions or professionals, learn from subject matter experts, undertake field visits, consult communities and meet with CSO’s, NGO’s or Government agencies.

What are some of the advantages of traveling with one of our groups?

  • Usually, you can get a better value for the whole package that you can by traveling on your own (or even with another group).
  • You don’t have to worry about driving in strange territory with unfamiliar customs –or when you are tired.
  • No worries or hassles about where to stay, how to get there, or even checking in!
  • Itineraries designed to maximize your overall experience.
  • Customize your experience without the rigidity of fixed packages

CIVIL Activism Tours

Trek the minds and services of formal/informal CSOs, youth networks, individual civil society activists, public institutions and parliament in Sri Lanka. Understand those that are actively engaged in creating positive social change, youth civic activism, accountability and transparency and bottom-up social peace building. Visits to parliament and relevant public institution would be more to understand mechanism used by CSOs to engage with and influence public institutions engage and to further explore how one can learn from the best practices in Sri Lanka.

Youth Engagement Tours

​Fellowship and new friendships galore as you enhance leadership skills and understand community growth through youth practices. The tour provides opportunities to engage with communities, motivating youth to get involved in the arts, leadership opportunities, and other activities that can help protect them from drugs, alcohol, and despair. Help to educate and empower communities about how to support positive change.  Learn and teach as you explore the island through the eyes of our Youth.

What is covered:

  • Airfares -domestic
  • Accommodation (twin share)
  • All breakfasts and some other group meals
  • Transport and entry fees for program visits
  • Facilitating meeting space and venues, identifying resource persons and arranging meetings.

What is not covered:

  • Insurance
  • Visa
  • Non-prescribed activities .
  • Personal expenses

For further details contact us at  –  execdir@cha.lk / manager-reg-rehab@cha.lk