Art is never finished, only abandoned

-Leonardo da Vinci-

As one enters the Senior Centre, the comforting sounds made by the wind chime creates an aura of tranquility and serenity that will flow through our Performing Art Corner. This might be just the thing our seniors need to build a space where they can relax and unwind from the stresses and bring feelings of calm and serenity into life

Introducing ART SESSIONS at the Senior Centre is a creative and is a meditative way to spend time, helps relieve stress, boost your mood and improve memory. Regular art therapy engages the fingers, hands and arms.

Whip out the old art supplies and colored pencils and take part in an ultra-relaxing activity – coloring. Art sessions are conducted by an expertise during weekdays for a group of 6 persons per session (each session 3 hours). Each session is an opportunity to reap the rewards of this interesting form of therapy. Make your reservation today for an art session and get an opportunity to build up relationship with other senior participants having inspiring creativity.


We welcome talented Yoga Instructors who would like to volunteer, specialized in yoga therapy and mindfulness. Would be ideal to offer a generous class for well-being of the seniors group involve in physical movements, breath awareness, visualization & mindfulness practices. Gentle chair yoga to be included for seniors with mobility issues.

Our Performing Art Corner is a large, well-lit, ventilated space with capacity to accommodate maximum 10 and minimum 5 senior participants. (yoga mats can be provided based on availability).

Please take a tour of our Face book page to see more posts on volunteer requests for tai chi, line dancing, Zumba Gold, musicians as well as gift-in kind donation requests.


Easy Reader

The latest addition to the Senior Centre publications, “Easy Reader”, is now being developed on key health topics on age-related diseases.  The first publication on ‘DIABETES’ compiled successfully and already posted in the Senior Centre face book page. Development in progress on following topics which are of vital importance due to advanced aging process.

Physical Challenges of Aging (changes in physical and cognitive abilities)-

  • Functional Decline : Vision & hearing loss, reduces mobility, strength, balance, agility, leading toward increasingly levels of frailty.
  • Age-related Diseases: dementia, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, strokes, age-related macular degeneration (AMD or ARMD), and glaucoma. Chronic disease is often a contributing factor to functional decline.
  • Age-related Adaptation : tasks to adapt successfully to more profound levels of functional decline, frailty, and dependence.
  • Age-related Health Care :  Psychological Challenges of Aging.  Dementia, Grief, Depression, Isolation, Reconciliation

Non-physical challenges of Aging – Vulnerability (from home and society) and Mental breakdown

Health Challenges of Aging-

The Senior Centre E-Library

To stay in touch with more latest news selected appropriately, an e-library is being developed and shall be launched for more advanced senior members.

New Arrivals

Drop by at our Music Listening Corner to lose track of time.
Listen to our new arrival,  “Solar Voyage” – music for meditation to pacify the body & mind.